A Glorious Hymn: ‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’

Wow! I’d never heard this hymn before, and it very nearly blew me out of my chair. Turn up the volume on this one! An army of the Lord might march to it.

Behold, the Mountain of the Lord–published in Scotland in 1781, sung here by Godfrey Birtill.

Anybody got a version with bagpipes?

2 comments on “A Glorious Hymn: ‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’

  1. Wow! Incredible! I’ve never heard this one either – and it’s wonderful. Thank you, Lee.

  2. I just love the old hymns, and this one is quite stirring! I pray that we would all, as believers in our Risen Savior, rise up in faith to truly believe that righteousness will triumph — that our faith would become more than mere words, that we would truly trust to see what we have believed!

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