‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus’

Would you believe it? There are people who get all bent out of shape over this good old Sunday school hymn as being “too violent.” As secular humanists, they are probably incapable of understanding an extended figure of speech, so they interpret the lyrics as a Christian call for jihad–but of course when Muslims call for real jihad, and start pitching certain persons off the roofs of skyscrapers, somehow that never arouses the liberals’ outrage–or their compassion.

Anyway, let’s start the day with Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

4 comments on “‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus’

  1. I love this, and recall an older lady who had cancer who told me she needed to think of this song whenever she attempted to get out of her bed. Another song I love is: Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Carroll Roberson) and One Pair of Hands by him.

  2. Thank you, Lee. Violence certainly is NOT this hymn – violence is what was done to Him! But I suppose it’s typical for the unrepentant to see it that way since they call evil good and good evil.

  3. Well, good night !! When you come to Jesus, you are joining God’s Army. Last I knew, an army is made up of soldiers and warriors who fought a war against an enemy. The object of war is to defeat and kill your opponent. That’s not called violence when you’re fighting for your life…..it’s called self preservation. A non violent Christian is a non Christian.

    1. Right you are, Joyce. That’s one reason I like ‘Soldiers Of The Lion’ by Chuck Girard and have requested it a couple of times. Lee has posted it. God does have an army and it is us!

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