Feds Ease Up on Order to Schools to Go Transgender

Oops! They went a tiny bit too far, too fast, and now the Obama administration has to throttle back on its “order” to public schools in America to let boys into the girls’ bathrooms or else: so instead of an order, now it’s just a “letter of guidance” from the Justice Dept.–what???–and the Dept. of Education ( http://abcnews.go.com/US/obama-administration-public-schools-transgender-students-access-bathrooms/story?id=39081956 ).

Remember when the Justice Dept. used to go after guys like Al Capone? Now they go after people who are a bit slow to hop aboard the transgender express.

The “letter of guidance” admonishes schools to allow any kid to use any bathroom according to his, her, or its “gender identification,” which is to be whatever the student says it is on any given day. It comes with a veiled threat to cut off federal funds to any school district that won’t let the boys stand over the girls while they pee.

Excuse me? Did I just hear you say you weren’t going to vote for Donald Trump, or you just won’t vote at all, and you don’t care if Hillary Clinton is elected president?

Remember what not voting for Romney (warts and all) got you.

8 comments on “Feds Ease Up on Order to Schools to Go Transgender

  1. If we ever needed a reason to jerk our kids out of public (non) school, we can’t say we do not have sufficient reason now. This outrage is a real “bridge too far”. Just failure to teach any life skills should have been enough. When will it be enough?

  2. I agree with Erlene. I and my husband teach classes at a home school co-op during the school year. We had noticed this past year that a larger number of families had joined the co-op. With this new directive from our “king” I expect the home school co-op membership will be doubled. What I suspect, though, is to see some future regulations regarding home schools.

    1. Well, they can’t let people get away with not supporting transgenderism. Next thing you know, they’ll be plotting Climate Change Denial.

  3. Yes, climate change, gender change, on and on. I always say, If it is not broke, not fix it. At one time, before these noodle heads got into the thing,
    it was not broke, but it sure is now.

  4. Ironic, though – there is a report that Bruce/Caitlin Jenner has become dissatisfied with his transgenderism and is contemplating returning to his former male status. So what happens to their rulings when these people vacillate between genders?

  5. I’ve read somewhere about transgender wanting to go back to what they were before. And yes, this sort of vacillation will create more problems.

    1. Fortunately for Bruce/Caitlin Jenner, apparently no surgery was involved. This world has gone off the rails!

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