Sanity Break: Cat Watches TV

All right, I can’t stand any more. My blood pressure has shot way up again, for reasons I don’t know, and I need a cat break.

Observe this young fellow intently watching TV. I’ve had cats who watched for a while but then gave it up when they learned they could never get at the critters that lived inside it.

4 comments on “Sanity Break: Cat Watches TV

  1. This is so cute! I had a cat once, also a yellow tiger, who loved watching TV when Wild Kingdom was on. He watched intently until the commercial break, then he would sleep until the animals came back on. He was almost more fun to watch than the program.
    Lee, have you noticed whether your BP rises just when you are emotional,
    upset, angry? That is when mine goes up. Otherwise, it stays around 130/65.

    1. Mine goes down in the evening when I’m contentedly watching a mystery, and it’s quite a bit higher during the day while I’m working.

  2. This little cutie seemed perfectly content with those birdies 🙂 Some of my cats liked watching animals – and especially fish and birds – on television, but some of them couldn’t have cared less. Sort of like people . . .

    1. Missy never payed any attention to TV, but her brother, Buster, kept trying to grab the elephants on “Nature.”

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