The Fish That Walks

I have been asked to consider whether this odd little fish that walks on its fins as if they were legs is evidence of evolution. It’s called a chaunax, and is a kind of anglerfish. Nothing much happens for the first half of this video, but stick with it and you’ll see the fish go for a stroll.

If the chaunax has any plans for evolving into an amphibian, it’s left them for rather late in the day. That’s a problem with evolution: no one can observe it. By the time this fish could evolve into an amphibian, we’ll all be past caring about it. And how long might it take for the chaunax to venture beyond amphibianhood–maybe evolving all the way to becoming a Gender Studies major with $200,000 in student debt?

And what if the chaunax has been perambulating on its fins since the beginning of time without ever evolving into anything?

Be that as it may, it’s cool to watch. More of God’s stuff, endlessly fascinating.

4 comments on “The Fish That Walks

  1. People try to push adaptation into the evolution box. It just doesn’t fit. Many species adapt to environments but don’t evolve into different creatures. The anglerfish is still an anglerfish – with or without ‘walking’ capability.

  2. Just wait 2000-3000 years from now & that fish will be so dextrous that it can roll those cigars that you are so fond of.

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