He’s Crazy, Too

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An experiment to see if it’s possible to embarrass Obama. Well, if Mayor Pete can’t do it, nobody can.

Democrat presidential candidates scare me. They should scare you, too.

Now it’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s turn in the straitjacket. He wants to pay “reparations” to illegal aliens (https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2019/12/19/buttigieg-commits-to-reparations-for-illegal-aliens-not-for-african-americans/)–to make up for all that stress we caused them, trying to enforce our country’s immigration laws. It’s not nice to inconvenience people whose only crime was to commit a crime.

Oh! And the “reparations” will come complete with a “fast track to U.S. citizenship,” says the jidrool who is mayor of some madhouse in Indiana. Lavishly reward those who break our laws!

He’s not sure, though, about doling out “reparations” to the descendants of slaves, five generations after slavery was abolished in America.

I’m still waiting for my free money. The Romans enslaved my ancestors. I should get free money for that. Money that somebody else had to work for.

Money that some Far Left Crazy politician is only too eager to give away. Someone else’s money. It’s always someone else’s money.

Democrat candidates for president: they’re all flaming crazy.

My Newswithviews Column, June 27 (‘Reparations for All’)

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She wants your paycheck

Democrats want to suck more money out of your paycheck–but only if you’re “white,” and thus responsible for every problem in the world, and deserving of no consideration whatsoever–and dole it out to their favorite voting bloc, African-Americans… minus the thick chunks of it that are bound to stick to their fingers.

Reparations For All

Well, my Newswithviews column got past whoever’s been sabotaging Chalcedon. Our website is still down this morning. Please pray for us, everybody. And feel free to wonder who’s next. They want all Christian and conservative voices shut down before the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, if there is any more outrageously unjust scheme than “reparations,” other than slavery itself, I don’t know what that could be.

The Reparations Derby

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Looneyland) wants “the government”–that means you, the taxpayers–to pay reparations to “gay” and lesbian “couples” who weren’t able to get the tax benefits of marriage until “gay marriage” was gaveled into existence by five lawyers on the Supreme Court (https://dailycaller.com/2019/06/23/elizabeth-warren-reparations-same-sex-couples/).

Remember, from seventh-grade civics, that thing about the Constitutional protection against ex post facto laws–that is, you couldn’t be tried for doing something that wasn’t against the law at the time you did it? Oh, you had no seventh-grade civics; never had civics at all… Well, if you were better educated than Sen. Warren, you’d know it’s unconstitutional to punish anyone for a) things they didn’t do, b) things that weren’t illegal at the time, or c) things they didn’t have the power to prevent.

But then we are talking about a woman who jump-started her whole career with a totally false claim that she was a Native American.

Speaking of which, Pocahontas wants reparations for them, too.

Let’s see… reparations for blacks, homosexuals, Native Americans… who’s gonna feel hard done by, if they get left off the list? Trannies, surely. Illegal aliens. Gang members. And let’s not forget the biggest aggrieved minority of them all–women! Definitely reparations for women, who were kept down, who were second-class citizens, for centuries. Go ahead, tell me they weren’t.

While we’re at it, I would like some reparations money, too. My ancestors on both sides of the Rhine were enslaved and tormented and massacred by the Romans. I should get some dough for that!

But there’s also atheists, pagans, short people, tall people, ugly people who couldn’t get dates in high school, fat people who always got picked last when choosing up sides, stupid people, silly people, highly intelligent people who got called names…

Where do we stop?

And don’t worry about what it’ll cost! Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez always says, we can just print up more money whenever we run out! And she’s got a degree in economics.

Think she might be entitled to a refund?

‘U.N. Tomfools at it Again’ (2016)

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When you’re finished posing for Forbes, your reparations check is ready

Do you think you should be punished for something you didn’t do, something that was done several generations before you were born, before your family had even come to this country?

What! You don’t believe in Reparations???

U.N. Tomfools at It Again

The United Nations thinks we Americans, those of us who can’t prove we’re black,  ought to be forced to pay “reparations” to black Americans, for slavery that came to an end in America 154 years ago.

I’m home free, though, and you can be, too. Just do as I have done, and self-identify as a person of African descent. Anyone who would deny it is obviously a racist. Hey, I’m not gonna pay reparations to myself! And neither should any of you. Just take refuge in the dodge that leftids themselves have invented, and skate right over this.

Prof Wants All White People to Pay ‘Reparations’ for Slavery

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I find it rather hard to empathize with Georgetown U. Sociology Prof. Michael Dyson. He has a tenured position. I don’t. He will have a nice pension when he retires. I won’t. He probably owns a home. I don’t.

And yet he thinks I should pay him my money as “reparations” for slavery that ended in America 150 years ago. He has never been a slave, I have never owned a slave (or even met one, or known anyone who’d ever seen one), but I have to pay.

Over my dead body, sunshine.

I missed this story when it came out in January. Dyson has recommended that white people–he has not defined “white,” which may keep people of mixed racial ancestry (that is, most of us) on tenterhooks–ought to set up “Individual Reparations Accounts” to pay back people who have never been slaves for slavery that ended 150 years ago. (http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8618 )

This, he says, is not so much to grab money that the recipients never worked for as to “force white people to confront their own privilege and consider why you possess what you possess.” Then again, he looks forward to receiving other people’s money. “I ain’t turning down $25 million,” says the Ph. D.

I confess I find it hard to imagine the mental landscape of any individual so wanting in honesty, fairness, decency, and self-respect. If he had a little more integrity, he’d be a mugger.

Those who send their sons and daughters to Georgetown ought to be ashamed of themselves. They’re paying this freeloader’s salary and pension.

I really don’t see how “white privilege” or “systemic racism” or the Bossa Nova kept him out of an extremely comfortable and secure position. Do you?

Prof: Whites Owe $20 Trillion in Reparations

Just in case you were wondering how your tuition dollars were being spent by colleges and universities last month, those taking part in “White History Month,” here’s an item from Portland Community Idiot Factory–er, college–in Oregon.

Some left-wing amoeba of a “professor” told her students that white Americans “owe”–by whose calculation?–black Americans $20 trillion in reparations for slavery ( http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/05/17/whiteness-history-speaker-whites-owe-blacks-20-trillion-in-reparations/ ). I kid you not–click the link to the news story and check out the video.

Twenty trillion bucks. Wow. That’ll buy a lot of powerball tickets. Why, it’s more than our total national debt. I wonder what kind of shape the country will be in, after they pay that out. To people who never were slaves or never had any contact with a slave, by people who never owned a slave or even saw one.

Gee, my ancestors, on both sides of the family, were enslaved by the Romans. Where do I go to collect my check? Two thousand years ought to have generated some pretty hefty interest.

One thing the reparations movement clearly teaches us: something can be really, truly silly and still be satanic.