Sanity Break: Kittens at Play

All right, I’m a sucker for kitten faces. Can’t help it.

But I do admit to a feeling other than warm coziness that time I checked under the bed and there found the two little round furry faces, big ears and all, peering back at me, upside-down, from a hole they’d torn in the bottom of the box spring.

None of the kittens in these videos do things like that.

3 comments on “Sanity Break: Kittens at Play

  1. We have five kittens on our farm, here in the Ozarks. Three of them are grey, one is tabby and another is black.

    1. Kittens, plus a farm? Wow! Sounds good to me (as long as I don’t have to get up early to milk cows or something). My Grammie grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. When she was over 90, she still had legs as spry as any 30-year-old’s.

  2. One of my cats did the mattress trick too, Lee 🙂 and, like you, when I looked under the bed, there he was peeking out at me upside down from the hole he’d made in the bottom of the box spring. Cats love hiding places. I was concerned that he (or one of the other cats) might somehow get tangled up in the springs so I had to rig a border around the bed to keep them from getting back in there. Sheesh!

    This little one is really cute!

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