Kittens: So Cute, It’s Just Awful

My cats, Robbie and Peep, sure got a rise out of this video.

Admit it–you’d just love to reach out and grab one or more of these kittens and cuddle it like nobody’s business. It might also get them to cool their jets.

If I still had my painted turtle and he heard this sound track, he’d be excited. He had this enduring hope that someday Henry the cat would feed him, in addition to us feeding him. Henry never came across with the goodies, though.

The Original Jax the Kitten


See that tiny black fuzzy thing attempting to nurse Boo, the obliging pit bull? That’s Jax as he was when my stepdaughter first took him in–the huge black cat whose picture I posted yesterday. In case you were wondering, Boo hasn’t gotten any smaller. Patty wanted you all to see this: after all, a lot of us prayed for this kitten, and you’ve seen how he’s turning out.

Kittens and Bunnies

WARNING: If you are cuteness- or fuzzy-intolerant, this video may be dangerous to your peace of mind or hazardous to your health. You may suffer an uncontrollable urge to grab something cute and fuzzy and talk a lot of sappy baby-talk to it.

If symptoms persist, see your local shelter and bring home something cute and fuzzy. And love it to your heart’s content… ’cause it’ll love you back.

Just Kittens

All right, you want cute animal videos? Try these kittens on for size! They haven’t yet learned how to push people into swimming pools or knock things off shelves, but that will come in time. Meanwhile, they’re just sweet.

More Terribly Cute Kittens

I’m sitting here blogging when I ought to be taking a nap, but never fear–I wouldn’t leave you without some kind of cuddly animal video. Here, have a blast with these kittens.

My baby fence lizards were mighty cute when they hatched, but nobody could call them fluffy. Or playful.

Frisky Kittens!

Watch these kittens–don’t even try to count them–have a blast in someone’s bathroom. Makes me wish I could be a kitten for a day.

This video reminds me of when we brought Buster and Missy home: two kittens, strange apartment to explore, and off they go. “Are you sure there’s only two of them?” I cried. They were everywhere at once.

Cozy Kittens For Sure

Okay–how did they get the kitten, the puppy, and the hamster (hamster!) to sleep all cuddled up together? I used to do that with my lizards, but they were very obliging lizards.

I wish this video was longer!

Sanity Break: Kittens at Play

All right, I’m a sucker for kitten faces. Can’t help it.

But I do admit to a feeling other than warm coziness that time I checked under the bed and there found the two little round furry faces, big ears and all, peering back at me, upside-down, from a hole they’d torn in the bottom of the box spring.

None of the kittens in these videos do things like that.

Video Treat:Kittens’ First Time

Here are kittens discovering that the world is full of amazing things they never expected.

I love it when kittens first find out that they can make puffy tails and run all around, doing it. My cats don’t bother to fluff their tails out anymore, but they had a grand week or so when they first learned how to do it.

By Popular Demand: Funny Cats

Okay, folks, you asked for it–a collection of funny cats.

While the world goes south in a hand-basket, cats still have the power to give us a smile.

That’s why God gave them to us.