How Stupid is Stupid?

I just couldn’t resist this.( )

Video prankster Mark Dice has asked some thirtysomething voters how they feel about socialist Bernie Sanders tapping convicted mega-thief Bernie Madoff as his vice presidential running mate. (Do I really need to tell anyone that this is just a gag?)

Madoff, currently serving a 150-year prison sentence for bilking his clients out of millions and millions of dollars, seems to impress these voters as a good guy to have on board.

Boy, is our country in trouble!\

But that’s our education system for you.

4 comments on “How Stupid is Stupid?

  1. There are some things that just can’t be explained – like what has happened to the reasoning ability of people. In their defense, maybe they just don’t see much difference between the crooks behind bars and the crooks in the Beltway.

  2. What I think is interesting in all these kinds of videos is that what the ‘prankster’ is saying is completely false, and these people are pretty much hooked up to the Internet 24 hours a day yet they just accept what a complete stranger is telling them about major news. Second, they really aren’t even interested. They seem totally apathetic. “Yeah man, that’s cool.”
    Thirdly, rather than seem like they don’t know what he’s talking about, they will flat out lie and act like they know who Bernie Madoff is.

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