A Most Unusual Animal

Here’s a critter some of you may never have heard of before–the pangolin. It’s an ant-eating beast that lives in Africa and can’t be rhymed with anything. If it was a few hundred times larger, it would look like something that wrecked Tokyo while fighting with Godzilla.

Because the pangolin’s front claws are so huge, it has to walk on its hind legs, all slouched over. Very poor posture!

Look at the size of the hole it digs, getting at the ants. I think you might almost rather have the ants in your back yard.

Please feel free to try to think of something that rhymes with “pangolin.”

4 comments on “A Most Unusual Animal

  1. Very interesting critter!

    These may be a stretch ) – but here goes: danglin’ wranglin’ sanguine

    Okay, okay – they may require a bit of poetic license 🙂

  2. ‘The ants have not yet evolved a way to defend against the pangolin’s attacks.’
    Yep, and they never will until they start inventing atomic bombs or impenetrable ant hills. Atheists are so annoying.

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