By Request, ‘Shine, Jesus, Shine’

I’ve got to get a bike ride in before it gets too hot (oh! if only we’d paid an enormous carbon tax!); but first, here’s Graham Kendrick with Shine, Jesus, Shine.

Remember, everybody out there–anyone can request a hymn to be posted here. As yet only a few of you have stepped forward. C’mon, don’t be shy!

5 comments on “By Request, ‘Shine, Jesus, Shine’

  1. Thank you, Lee. While I realize this is far from a traditional hymn, the message and sentiment are sorely needed in this fallen world.

    Hope you enjoyed your bike ride. Gonna be a warm one today – at least here in the northeast.

    How has your aunt been doing? As well as can be expected, I pray.

    1. Thanks, Linda–Aunt Joan’s condition is unchanged. On Wednesday we have to go to a “care plan” meeting. I don’t know what they can tell us that we haven’t heard before, but it’s necessary to show the flag.

    2. Your aunt, as well as you and your family, are in my prayers, as always. Jesus keep her in His Hands.

    3. Thank you for your prayers. We are all in need of the Lord’s protection: He is our defense against the evils of this fallen world.

  2. On this Sabbath morning, I appreciate hearing music that glorifies the king of kings. One pair of hands by Carroll Roberson is a good one if it has not already been posted. I want to stay in an attitude of prayer today. I often pray “let your Holy Spirit hover over and around my lost loved ones and friends to bring light into the dark places, as you did on the day of creation.

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