Feminist Math-O-Matics!

Wel, i has had my Moth Hormoans shot for today and than i had a wash rag for breckfast (not bad with mapple sirup!) and now i has got my self “into” a contemptaplative mood wich is somthing us interrlecturals hear at the collidge we doo it al the time! Only i fourgot waht i was contemptaplating.

Oh, i Know! I “was” contemptaplatting aboat how grate it wuld be if the hole wrold it was run by interllecturals who is the Smartest peple in the wrold and the smartest Interllectural we arre al hear at the Unavarsity!

Thare is one prefesser she is “the” smartest of us al She is a prefesser of Feminist Math-O-Matics and she is So smart that nobody cant unnerstand a thing she sayes! I has bin to a fow of her Lextures and oh-man! The last one I was at thare was some religius peple thay Started praying becose thay thuohgjt she was Speeking in Tongs!

I hered her say Thare is Femail Numbers thay are goood and Male Nummbers thay arre bad and Yiu shuddnt ouhgjt to Use Male Nummbers unless you can Chang thare Gender by moltiplying them By “the” square route of Minus One! Now i aks yuo Is “that” Smart or wahtt??? i cant harddly wate til i get to bee as Smart as her!!

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  1. You’re such an interrlectural that you can’t even see the Femail Math-O-Matic Perfesser is obliterating males. But I suppose transgenders are immune because they can be either, any time they want. Even though I’m not math-o-matically inclined, that part is obvious. You make it so easy – and so much fun – NOT to be an interrlectural, Joe Collidge. And I bet you think a hat trick is a snack! 🙂

    1. In your case, it definitely would be – maybe even a 3-course meal!

  2. Joe Collidge! I’d missed you!
    You go right on multiplying by the square root of negative one. No one’s stopping you 🙂

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