When Monsters Attack Your School…

This video illustrates one of the very few problems that do not plague public schools, these days–invasion by huge and deadly prehistoric predators.

In this case we have a rather nasty creature, a Gorgonopsid from the Triassic, rampaging through a public school building and, incidentally, demonstrating its somewhat shoddy construction. Had the monster attacked during school hours, it would have been impossible to keep him out of the cafeteria–although it may be that a display of Michelle Obama school lunches might have totally destroyed his appetite.

Which is a bigger disaster for school children–a Gorgonopsid bursting into the classroom and devouring the unionized teacher, or “gender spectrum education”? (Hint: the prehistoric monster isn’t real, but the other damned thing is.)

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  1. Neat video! The Gorgonopsid appears able to rid the school of the Obama lunches AND the gender spectrum studies – all in one swell foop!

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