World’s Smartest Octopus

How smart is an octopus? Well, here’s one who learned how to open a fairly complicated jar just by seeing another octopus do it–once.

I wonder if he can learn to play chess. Imagine being the first human to lose a chess game to an octopus.

7 comments on “World’s Smartest Octopus

  1. Well! I never! But then, I don’t spend any time in the ocean, or in labs that experiment with ocean creatures. I never really missed it, though.

  2. I read in the news about an octopus in an aquarium in New Zealand that squeezed through a small crack in the glass aquarium that he was kept in, found a drainage pipe, went down it, and ended up in the ocean.

  3. I read that story too, Jaroc. Didn’t realize they’re that intelligent. Impressive! Thanks, Lee 🙂

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