Elephant Artist–Is This for Real?

This is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen–a young elephant creating honest-to-Pete representational art. Not just splashing colors around: no–real, recognizable pictures. No hands, of course.

How can this be? I’ve watched this several times and it baffles me, but good. Feel free to offer an explanation!

Crow Solves Puzzle

A man sets up an eight-part puzzle to see if a crow can solve it. Heck, we have Congressmen who couldn’t solve this! But the crow uses the sticks and stones provided, figures out how they’re interrelated… and solves the puzzle, earning a reward of food.

Looks like the proverbial “bird brain” is badly underestimated.

(Yeah, but can he type?)

‘Sanity Medicine: Johnny the Octopus’ (2016)

They can also figure out how to get out of a jar.

How would an octopus know how to get at the contents of a jar with a twist-off cap? I mean, it’s not something he’s seen before, and learned how to do by watching others do it. What would happen if you let an octopus watch a lot of chess games?

Sanity Medicine: Johnny the Octopus

Anyway, here’s some of God’s stuff to start the day–the intelligence of the octopus. God’s creation: that’s how He made them, for His own good pleasure.

How Smart is an Octopus?

Hi, Mr. Nature here–along with a very clever octopus.

The octopus is resting inside a jar at the bottom of the aquarium, and a human comes along and screws the top onto the jar. You’d think that’d be pretty much escape-proof. But almost instantly, the octopus figures out that what he has to do is twist off the lid in the opposite direction; and in less than a minute, he gets it done. Off goes the top.

He then elects to stay in the jar a little longer. Maybe octopi have more in common with cats than we thought.

This is God’s stuff, the wonderful works of His hands. We don’t know why He made the octopus so intelligent, but you can be sure He knows. And maybe the octopus knows, too!

World’s Smartest Octopus

How smart is an octopus? Well, here’s one who learned how to open a fairly complicated jar just by seeing another octopus do it–once.

I wonder if he can learn to play chess. Imagine being the first human to lose a chess game to an octopus.