Bunnies Love a Nice Sofa

Everybody knows what living room furniture is for. It’s for your pets to play on.

Here, it looks like some effort has been made to accommodate these bunnies. Maybe the owner has finally realized that it’s their sofa, not his.

His cats must have trained him well.

3 comments on “Bunnies Love a Nice Sofa

  1. Bunnies are so cute! They sure do seem to love hopping around on the sofa 🙂 The bunnies that traverse our yard are light brown. They stop by our porch for carrots, peanuts and sunflower seeds – along with the chipmunks and squirrels.

  2. So adorable. You are blessed, Linda, to have all these adorable creatures
    in your yard. Where I lived before, I had tons of sparrows, doves, robins,
    and squirrels coming for handouts. It is so much fun.

    1. Yes it is, Erlene – fun and peaceful. The chipmunks have gotten so used to us, they sit at my feet and look up into my face, waiting for me to lower my hand filled with goodies. And when I do, they promptly hop into my hand, stuff their little cheeks (which really hold a lot), run home to hide their stash, and then run back for more 🙂 Such a blessing!

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