Baby Bunnies Galore

Some are frisky, some are sleepy, all are sweet–baby bunnies.

This video will come in handy if you’re ever called upon to give baby bunny a bath.

(And I didn’t mean to post it this early. What was I thinking?)

Rabbit Chases Dog

Here’s something you don’t see every day–bunny chasing dog all around the yard. Look at ’em go! There’s another dog who’d like to get in on the game, but they seem to be ignoring him.

What do you think? Do they make a dog give up his union member’s card if he lets a rabbit chase him?

Domestication can be fun.

Bunnies’ Honeys Are Cats

I wonder how my cats would respond to a bunny in the house. Something tells me they’d be afraid of it.

But the cats and bunnies in these videos get along just fine–a glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom to come.

Rowdy Rabbits

Most of these rabbits and cats appear to be only playing, no one gets hurt. But one of the bunnies looks like he’s really had it up to here with the cat and he’s gonna lay down the law (how many cliches can I fit into this one sentence?) and take names.

Do these cats have any realization of just how poorly they’re carrying out their role as apex predators? Maybe the apexes are in short supply.

I’ve just discovered that stocking a sentence full of bromides is almost as much fun as writing one.

Bunny’s Long Jump

I can post more than one critter video if I want to. Who’s going to complain?

Here is a rather small rabbit making a rather large jump. He’d’ve gotten much better distance out of it if he hadn’t jumped so high. Remember that, the next time you’re jumping in your living room.

Jump, It’s Fun! Jump, It’s Easy…

This tiny bunny (he reminds me of Norbert!) would prefer not to be cooped up in a laundry basket. So he examines his surroundings, decides what to do–and out he goes! Without a running start, no less.

As for the headline: If you can remember the rest of that jingle, and the product that it advertised, welcome to the Bronze Age.

The Bunnies’ Union Heard From…

I was going to post just cats and dogs playing in the snow and let it go at that, but the Bunnies’ Union was on my case as quick as boiled asparagus. The long and short of it is, they convinced me to post a video of rabbits playing in the snow, too.

I draw the line at Komodo dragons.

Baby Bunnies Attack!

All right, they’re only attacking wakefulness. But they’re so cute! They’ll fit in your fur-lined boots. They’ll fit in your styrofoam cups. In fact, they’ll fit almost anywhere, which makes them easy to store.

False Fact! Napoleon Bonaparte’s rabbits were trained to attack salesmen.

Bunnies Re-Enact ‘Hamlet’

Admittedly these video vignettes don’t do a very good job presenting Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. But what do you want from a bunch of bunny rabbits? Give them an ‘A’ for effort.

This video reminds me of an unforgettable experience. I was standing outside one summer night, smoking a pipe, when several wild baby rabbits came out and started chasing each other–around me. Round and round they went: I felt like a maypole. But I didn’t dare move until they were all done with their game.

Baby Bunnies, Hollow Log

Gee, you could almost turn this into the title of one of those pretentious off-Broadway plays…

But the business at hand is sweetness, innocence, wholesomeness. Who knew bunnies got such a charge out of a hollow log? And though you’ve got three bunnies and a log that can only accommodate two, it’s not a problem for them.