The Intruding Human

Avast! Some bobblehead out there keeps putting this clickety-clackety plastic toy in Bunny’s bed. I don’t know rabbits well; but I have known cats who would bite you for that. This bunny looks like he might be overly tolerant.

Is There a Bunny in the House?

Once upon a time we had baby bunnies in our garden. They loved to come out and play at night; and if I stood still for them, they’d chase each other all around me.

Well, here are some bunnies chasing each other around the house. Looks like fun–although I doubt our cat would like it.

Kitten, Bunny, and Bliss

You could go into cuddle overload with these two. I’ve never had a pet rabbit, but I have had a couple of really friendly cats. And a few who weren’t. Can cats and bunnies bond to each other?

Kitten, Bunny, and Bliss

Domestication does wonderful things for animals: wish it worked on humans, too. Baby rabbit wants to make friends with a shy kitten. I’d love to see how they interact a year after this meeting.

Bunny Honeys

It’s amazing how domestication can change animals’ behavior. When you see a bunny cuddling up to a dog for a nap, you haven’t necessarily died and gone to Heaven. Although I’m pretty sure there are both dogs and bunnies there.

Bunny Ballet

Short but sweet–I love watching wild rabbits do this.

I’m sure somebody out there knows why they do it. Is it a courtship ritual? Or are they just playing? And do domestic bunnies ever do this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Bunny Zoomies

The guys came half an hour late this evening (“They’re doing me a favor,” Frank the landlord said) and then took almost an hour to put the door back on the oven.They only left 15 minutes ago.

And our expensive brand-new computer won’t let me post pictures.

Why, you may ask, a video of bunnies running around someone’s living room?

I don’t know. Why not?

A Tale Of Two Tails

The cat’s twitching tail annoys the bunny. No two animals could have more different tails. Is the cat showing off? Is the bunny jealous? Or does he just not like someone’s tail repeatedly flopping into his face?

A Very Patient Rabbit

Rabbit wants to take a nap; kitten wants to play. Who’s going to prevail? (Hint: If you ever find yourself in a similar position, vis-a-vis a rabbit, it’s the big floppy ears you should zero in on.) We salute the big bunny for not losing his temper.

Is There a Bunny in the House?

Take it from a lizard-and-turtle guy: rabbits do a lot of cat and doggy things that would never occur to a lizard. Much less a turtle.

I’ve never had a pet rabbits; but we used to have a lot of wild rabbits around here who got very friendly with us and were the best of company. The babies, too.