Bunny Goes Bats for Lemon

I’m back! Meanwhile, I hope some of you will browse the archives and tell me some posts you really liked, from years ago. Maybe I can re-post them.

Down to business: I don’t think I’ve ever known an animal that would eat a lemon. A camel, maybe? The bunny in this video has never had a lemon, but that first taste is all he needs. Maybe he’s eccentric.

Frisky Bunnies

How do pet rabbits amuse themselves? Let me count the ways! Tearing paper, jumping up and down on furniture, chewing balloons, playing chase with a baby dachshund…

It’s said that a former prime minister of Norway used to do all these things; but he was not a rabbit.

A Bunch O’ Bunnies

There are many aspects of bunny behavior that have stumped the world’s great minds. It is said that Dr. Igot Sood, upon seeing what that one bunny in this video was doing with someone’s slippers, broke down and wept and just couldn’t do any more nuclear physics for the longest time.

Baby Bunnies, Rise & Shine

This is not the most exciting video I’ve ever posted. There may be viewers, for all I know, who respond with great agitation to videos of sleeping baby bunnies. If you are one of them, we’d love to hear from you.

Was it the bunnies’ own idea to sleep in an orderly row?

Cuddly Bunnies

I know, it’s not very exciting. But I sure could use a bunny in my lap just now; and if you can, too, you’re in the right place.

Amazing False Fact! The original Superman, who inspired the creation of the comic book character, was a shoemaker named Pundle who couldn’t fly, had no super-strength or X-ray vision, and was no more bulletproof than his wife, Wanda, who had a long history of getting shot. It is not known how he convinced his neighbors in Findlay, Ohio, that he could do any of those things.

Bunnies Do It, Too

As I write this, Robbie the cat is doing zoomies in our living room. I have no idea why.

But lest you think that only cats and dogs suddenly take it into their heads to run all around for no apparent reason, here’s proof that bunnies do it, too. You have to admit zoomies make for great video.

A Baby Bunny Bath

I couldn’t resist it. How I’d love to have this bunny on my lap! It would make the cats jealous, but so what–they weren’t using my lap for anything.

Anyhow, this bunny’s busy grooming herself. It’s a mammal thing.

Flop Goes the Bunny

I’ve only just discovered there’s a whole genre of videos devoted to bunny flops: a high-toned technical term for bunnies falling asleep because they just can’t stay awake. I’ve never had a bunny. I’ve had lots of lizards, but none of them ever did flops. And our cats refuse to do it.

Baby Bunnies Galore

Some are frisky, some are sleepy, all are sweet–baby bunnies.

This video will come in handy if you’re ever called upon to give baby bunny a bath.

(And I didn’t mean to post it this early. What was I thinking?)

Rabbit Chases Dog

Here’s something you don’t see every day–bunny chasing dog all around the yard. Look at ’em go! There’s another dog who’d like to get in on the game, but they seem to be ignoring him.

What do you think? Do they make a dog give up his union member’s card if he lets a rabbit chase him?

Domestication can be fun.