A Dog and Bunny Paradise

This is one of those glimpses God gives us into His ultimate plans for Creation. “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain…”

The dog is not going to eat the bunnies.

The parakeet is on hand to supervise.

House Bunny Meets Wild Bunny

We used to have a lot of wild bunnies around here. They became quite friendly with us.

But we didn’t have any domestic rabbits to mix in with them. I wonder what’s going on in this video. Are they playing, or is this a territorial dispute?

Let’s ask “Thewhiterabbit”…

Baby Bunny

Look how little, how perfect, this baby bunny is!

We used to have baby bunnies in our garden, chasing each other and playing tag around the vegetables. Once they played tag around me. It was so nice to have them feeding on clover all around me as I sat outside and wrote.

I never tried to handle any of them, though. But I kind of wish I had.

Some Funny Bunnies

I never had a pet bunny, and I’m afraid my lizards were never into playing. I know I’ve missed out on something good.

Oh, I remember the baby bunnies playing in Patty’s garden! And one night they scampered around me and around as I smoked my pipe. I wonder what they thought I was.

A Persevering Rabbit

Rabbit wants to get into the box and cuddle with the cats, but it’s not as easy as it looks. The cats don’t seem to care. Obviously more thought is needed. The bunny wanders around the room to consider his next move.

And now it’s time to try again…

Bunnies & Puppies Cuddling

How many dogs would be asked to turn in their badges over this–fraternizing with rabbits?

My wife said to me today, “What’s the matter with you? You sound like Jacob Marley’s ghost.”

“I feel like Marley’s ghost,” I said.

Either a puppy or a bunny would knock me out cold–and it’d do me a world of good.

Bunny Wants Cat to Wake Up

You’re a cat, you’re taking a nap in this nice, snug basket that’s just the right size and shape–and of course you won’t be allowed to enjoy it. This time it’s a bunny who does everything but grab a bugle and blow Reveille.

But they are obviously friends. Domestication does some funny things.

Bunny Goes Bats for Lemon

I’m back! Meanwhile, I hope some of you will browse the archives and tell me some posts you really liked, from years ago. Maybe I can re-post them.

Down to business: I don’t think I’ve ever known an animal that would eat a lemon. A camel, maybe? The bunny in this video has never had a lemon, but that first taste is all he needs. Maybe he’s eccentric.

Frisky Bunnies

How do pet rabbits amuse themselves? Let me count the ways! Tearing paper, jumping up and down on furniture, chewing balloons, playing chase with a baby dachshund…

It’s said that a former prime minister of Norway used to do all these things; but he was not a rabbit.

A Bunch O’ Bunnies

There are many aspects of bunny behavior that have stumped the world’s great minds. It is said that Dr. Igot Sood, upon seeing what that one bunny in this video was doing with someone’s slippers, broke down and wept and just couldn’t do any more nuclear physics for the longest time.