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Outlandish Rituals Involving Bunnies

Gotcha with that headline, didn’t I? Sorry, but I didn’t know what to call this video. It is about bunnies, though–that much is accurate.

Little-known Fact: “Tarzan of the Apes” was originally “Tarzan of the Rabbits,” but the sociological ramifications were too much for the young Edgar Rice Burroughs to deal with.

Video Treat: Cats & Bunnies

I’ve never had a pet rabbit, although I’ve always loved them. Something tells me our two cats would be afraid of a bunny.

Anyway, here are cats and bunnies playing and cuddling together. Don’t worry about the bunnies: none of them seems the least bit afraid. And it’s not always the cat chasing the rabbit: just as often, it’s the other way around.

Bunnies & Dogs

All right, they can’t play Clue, or Parcheesi, or Mad-Libs; but rabbits and dogs do like to play, and they’ll play with each other. Who says the dogs always eat the bunnies?

I think these unexpected animal friendships are a peek into what’s in store for us when God finishes His work of reclaiming and restoring His creation.

Bunny to the Rescue

So the goofy cat gets herself trapped in the tool shed, can’t get out–but not to worry, the bunny know just what to do. Obviously this bunny saw The Great Escape. The solution: dig a tunnel! There aren’t even any Luftwaffe guards who have to be bribed to look the other way.

As for gratitude–well, one can’t have everything.

Beware! High-Level Cuteness

I think God put baby rabbits and a lot of other animals in the world to keep us from going insane. I can just feel my blood pressure going down as I watch this. Thank you, Lord. We wouldn’t have thought of it, but you did.

Let’s Have Some Bunnies

Yeah, I’m in the mood for bunnies. Let’s bunny up.

I’ll always remember the night three or four baby cottontails chased in other around and around in circles–with me at the center of the circle. Kind of an honor, really. I suspect they thought I was a tree. I have that effect on some people.

Guaranteed to Soothe You

This ought to cool your jets–patient dog, frisky bunny, cuteness all over the place. And for those of us who endured 90-degree-plus temperatures today, the bunny in the snow should be rather refreshing.

I’ve always wanted a bunny, never had one. They seem to have a lot of personality.

Kardboard Kitties, et al

Everybody knows cats love cardboard boxes. They also love to fight over them.  But did you know dogs, bunnies, and goats love cardboard boxes, too? Especially when they’re full of shipping peanuts! (Not something I would ever allow!) Who needs expensive pet toys? Just put an empty box on the floor and watch the fun.

A Rabbit’s Role-Reversal

“There’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey.”

“What’s that, Edgar?”

“Rabbit chasing a dog.”

And my question is, what does he do with it if he catches it?

P.S.–Can anyone remember what cartoon occasionally featured the above-cited Chauncey and Edgar? I could look it up, but first I want to sift my memory.

A Bunny Shower

I don’t know what the bunny was doing in the bathtub in the first place, and I don’t think he did, either. By a happy accident, he discovered the pleasure of taking a shower–demonstrating an ability to adapt almost instantly to an unexpected situation. It takes a lot of intelligence to do that. History’s full of generals who couldn’t do it.

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