Weere Going to Studdy Beyonsay!

Man i jist fuond out that Our gender Studies Depat. hear at Collidge we are goin to get a Reel Beyonsay Corse!!! that thay usedto have at Ruttgers in thare Gender Studies Depat. only thay lost it twoo years ago “but thats” OK becose now Wee got it!

Wee got it frim the Amarican Studies Depat. at Ruttgers thay didn want it Anymore, i cant hardle wate to sine up for “that” classs! it is al abuot Black femmanism and Racile Jutstise! and we sil sitt thare in classs and lissen to Beyonsay records and Wacht her viddios.

My prefesser he Is “going” to aks the Collidge iff wee can has a Amarican Studies Depat. like the one Ruttgers it has& and thay got al kind of Grate corses abuot Spyke Lee and Spring Stein and even tatttooos! i wisht i culd git a degreee in that but we hasnt got it hear at our Collidge not yet. Butt jist imaggin How smart yood bee iff yiu had yore degreee in that!!!!

Yaknow that stopid Lee who has this blogg he whent to Ruttgers but it so longg ago he has forgot everthing thay taut “him” and aslo he is meene wenever thay cal him “up” to aks for Money, he shuld be putt in Jale for that!!! Probly Ruttgers lost thare Beyonsay Corse becose thay didnt have no Money not enuff thanks to Cheep Skates lyke him.

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  1. This may get your antenners in a twist, Joe Collidge, but it is yet another reminder why we should NOT send our children off to these idiocy and indoctrination centers.

    As for you, I have a great idea – why not combine courses: get a Beyonsay tattoo!

    As for Lee – thankfully he survived indoctrination AND the attempted usurping of any of his funds for their nefarious purposes!

  2. Poor downtrodden Bouncey has had it so rough just like Chicago Mohammed who was raised by blue eyed devils in that hell on earth known as Hawaii.
    Bouncey was raised in *evul* waycist America and oppressed by dem whitey crackas. They have held her back and now she is penniless and on skid row just like Oprah.
    There is always a silver lining, employers will see the Bouncy studies in the course curriculum and throw the job application in the trash along with all the University of Missouri precious little snowflakes right after the potential employee says can I axe you a couple of questions and get honest answers to bof of them.

    1. As annoying as we find these “entertainment” zillionaires who gripe about racism and oppression all the way to the bank, we must remember that it’s the bread-and-butter tactic of this shabby presidential regime to foment racial discord–and they’ve done a mighty good job of it.

      Let’s not play their game, because it’s a game with loaded dice. After all, there are plenty of white “entertainers” who are just as annoying as Beyonce. We ought to attribute their behavior not to race, but to intractable silliness with a good bit of malice added to the mix.

      God made all the nations of the earth of one blood.

      But fallen man makes fallen cultures.

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