Video Treat: Baby Goats

You farm folks have seen all this before, but out here in leaf-blower country, baby goats are only a little less rare than centaurs. Anyway, these are cute.

You should’ve seen how Robbie the cat reacted when I played this. Something about a bunch of baby goats baa-ing really wound her up.

2 comments on “Video Treat: Baby Goats

  1. Actually, I have seen this. My younger son rescued a sick female goat
    and got interested in goats. He had several at one time, and they are
    really fun to watch.

  2. Thanks, Lee. Baby goats are so full of energy!

    Goats are very sweet. When I lived in North Florida, I had, among other animals, 2 goats – Timothy and Daffodil – who knew their names, would come when you called them, followed me all around the yard, and were very gentle and playful 🙂

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