Video Treat: Sweet Little Owls

So owls make cuddly and fun pets–who knew? I mean… owls? But here it is on video: a whole parade of pet owls. Whooo knew?

2 comments on “Video Treat: Sweet Little Owls

  1. Wow,these little guys are really adorable. I would never have thought they
    would be so friendly. In the woods, they are so elusive. They are really cuties.

  2. How adorable! Brings to mind that in the Garden of Eden, life must have been that way – all animals, wild and domestic – must have been approachable. Won’t it be fantastic when things are like that again?!

    The looks on the faces of these little owls reminds me of my Amazon Parrot – he loved being snuggled and would get that same expression of peace and comfort. God’s creation is wondrous indeed!

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