Cats Undercover

Oops, I should’ve said “under covers.”

Anyway, after all the hurly-burly, here’s a nice, soothing video, courtesy of a cat. It ain’t just dogs and bunnies who know how to have fun.

10 comments on “Cats Undercover

  1. My cats always chased and pounced on the covers when I was trying to make the bed – hilarious! And don’t try to move your feet while asleep. Anything that moves is fair game 🙂 Thanks for the sanity break, Lee.

  2. Happy kittehs around here as I just fed them some Sheba.
    A thunderboomer is rolling in from the northeast and the cats don’t like it. Mine will be in hiding as she had a negative experience with thunder and lightning when she was a stray many moons ago.
    I found her under a shed at my brother’s place and she jumped on my lap within two minutes of our first meeting. She is family now.
    The strays will huddle under a table on the porch to keep dry. {:o)

    1. I know! Let’s put some chemical in the drinking water that turns all boys into girls and all girls into boys, and also makes them sterile!

      Oh–they’re already working on that?

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