Sanity Break: Cats and Snow

Well, it sure ain’t snowin’ here–another typical New Jersey Mud Christmas.

What I wouldn’t give to shrink myself down a few sizes and play in the snow with these cats! And before you say cats enjoy the snow because they have no sense, pause and ask yourself who’s smarter–the human being standing in line at the supermarket to buy batteries and milk and toilet paper, and cat food, because the weather forecast said “snow” and he’s all freaked out and sliding into panic mode: or these cats?

And now to get started on my Christmas tree…

Sanity Break: Cats and Balloons

Cats sure can have fun with balloons, although it seems bursting them will take some getting used to. Bursting the balloons, I mean.

And to the woman experimenting with the combination of cat, balloon, and Christmas tree, I can only say, “Do you feel lucky?”

Sanity Break: Cats & String

The chief defect of Henry King/ Was chewing little bits of string.  –Shakespeare

Well, cats know better than to do that–most of ’em, at least.

My old cat Buster used to pick at rubber bands to make them go twang. It made for some pretty odd noises coming from the kitchen.

But when all is said and done, plain old string is a never-failing source of amusement, if you are a cat.

Sanity Break: Your Cats’ Jobs

All right, I’ve had enough of the news today. Time for a cat video. These help to keep my head from exploding.

Here are some of the useful things your cats do around the home. It should be added that cats are also masters of the art of making things disappear. Like pens, chessmen, or anything else small enough to bat under the bookcase where you’ll never see it again.

Cats Undercover

Oops, I should’ve said “under covers.”

Anyway, after all the hurly-burly, here’s a nice, soothing video, courtesy of a cat. It ain’t just dogs and bunnies who know how to have fun.