By Request, ‘How Great Is Our God’

Generally I don’t go in for guitars and keyboards and drums; but this performance of How Great Is Our God, by Chris Tomlin, makes me want to dance in the aisles–and I don’t know how to dance, and I don’t have any aisles handy. Anyhow, you might want to turn up the volume on this one and do a little jumping around yourself. Thanks so much for the request, Linda! Just what I need this morning.

Now it’s off to the nursing home to see my aunt. The unedifying news of the day will just have to wait till I get back.

2 comments on “By Request, ‘How Great Is Our God’

  1. Don’t be alarmed by the state of the world. God lets the purveyors of evil think they are winning before pulling the rug out from under them.

  2. Fantastic version! Thank you, Lee. Hope your visit finds your aunt in good spirits and gives you peace of mind.

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