Gagging History

The study of history is very much an effort to find out what really happened–a truly difficult thing to accomplish, riddled with questions that are almost never fully answered.

People lie. People forget. They misremember things. Information gets lost. So even the best history is usually only an approximation of what really happened. But in that history is the collective biography and memory of the human race, it’s kind of important.

Which makes deliberate efforts to distort, stretch, shrink, or mangle history all the more contemptible. It’s hard enough to recover true history without anybody actively trying to make that impossible.

Our beloved leaders have tried to do just that, with Attorney General Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–who was confirmed by Republican Senators, by the way–ordering the Dept. of Justice–justice!–to erase all references to Islam and ISIS from the official–official!–transcript of the 50-second phone call made by the perpetrator of the Orlando Massacre, 49 dead and 53 wounded, with the killer yelling “Allah akbar!” and pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Within 24 hours the Attorney General had to put the deleted words back in ( ). We are told she did this “under pressure from Republican leaders” in Congress, a claim we are free to disbelieve.

She did it because it was going to put the whole country into an uproar if she didn’t.

The Obama administration’s non-stop efforts to sanitize Islamic jihad grow increasingly bizarre. How many people do Muslim fanatics have to murder before these freaks in Washington even admit that radical Islam exists?

But they would much rather convince the public that the Orlando Massacre–one Omar “I pledge allegiance to ISIS!” Mateen the sole proprietor–was perpetrated by Christians, Republicans,  Donald Trump,  the NRA, by Climate Change Deniers, whatever.

This time they didn’t get away with it, because Lynch’s ploy was clumsy and heavy-handed and even the Congressional Republicans could see her doing it.

When people someday study the history of this evil age, how much of what they read will actually be true? And how much of it Obama-ized beyond repair?

From a history textbook published in 2216: The destruction of the World Trade Center, New York City, on Sept. 11, 2001, is now known to be the work of Quakers…

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  1. Has anyone read the book “The Shinar Directive”? This book explains it all very thoroughly and expertly with great research references, foremost being the Scriptures. A lot that is in the book, I already knew from past reading and research, and of course, I know the part directly from Scripture, but still, there was a lot to learn that pertains to modern and current events all over the world. The book can be obtained through Amazon, in paperback, very reasonable price and I highly recommend it.

    1. Yes, Erlene, that’s one of the books I have in my library. Dr. Lake and his wife have some great podcasts and youtube video teachings too

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