A Reader’s Prayer Request

Folks, please pray that Laura will either be able to keep her job or quickly find a new one just as good.

As a new feature of this blog, I’ll be taking your prayer requests whenever you feel the need to send one in. I read all reader comments, so wherever you post it, I’ll find it.

10 comments on “A Reader’s Prayer Request

  1. Thanks, Lee 🙂 I have been caring for an elderly lady while her son is at work, but he’s decided it’s time to put her in a nursing home.

  2. Laura, I will be praying for this need. I believe you should be able to find another job in this field fairly quickly. I have several friends who work in
    this situation, and they seem never to be out of work for long.

  3. I would like to say a prayer for England and salute them for their smashing defeat of globalist scum.

    The Lion’s been missing these many long years
    In his absence the country has sunk to its knees
    Its people, once proud, are brought down so low
    by false-hearted villains who don’t seem to know
    that Britain is great by its culture and race
    not the influx of strangers and their dissonant ways
    that have nothing to do with our land and our soil
    the nation we built with our blood and our toil
    and defended so bravely for a thousand years straight
    This is the reason that Britain’s called “Great”

    Colin Liddell

    1. “The scepter’d isle” has a long, long way to go, to get back to where they were; but at least they’ve made a start.

  4. Prayers coming your way, Laura. I, too, have a friend working in that same field and she is rarely out of work for long. In fact, many people ask for her number while she is caring for someone.

    1. Thank you for your prayers Linda (and everyone). I’m not a professional caregiver; this was a one time job with a family that I’ve known for some time.
      I’m hoping I can get a job as a babysitter or nanny.

    2. My friend isn’t a professional caregiver either – she does babysitting for the elderly (and she’s 72 herself!) She’s very kind and people love her – and she loves her people 🙂

  5. Wish i could have some one to helpp me i will be praying for u Linda as i pray for us all ….Take care God bless

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