Reader’s Prayer Request

Please send up a prayer for Erlene, who had two teeth pulled the other day, one of which was abscessed, and is hurting from it. We all know how that feels, and wish we didn’t. Please, Father, grant her relief: in Jesus’s name, amen.

5 comments on “Reader’s Prayer Request

  1. You’re in my prayers, Erlene. By the way, how has your son’s shoulder been coming along? I continue to pray for him as well.

  2. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate your prayers so much. Linda, my son’s shoulder is on hold for now. The next appointment is to decide whether it would be helpful to do a shoulder replacement. I am just praying for the right decision to be forthcoming.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Erlene. I know I was miserable when I got all my wisdom teeth pulled (in one day!) a few years ago. Just relax and read a good book, and tell everyone to make their own lunch 😀

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