Why Is This Cat Happy?

With a truly impressive display of what President Kennedy used to call “vigah,” this cat leaps to the top of a folding door, inches away from the ceiling. And once he’s up there, he’s purrin’ and rubbin’ and happy as can be.

Not that anyone has ever figured cats out–but what’s so great about the top of that door? My cats get happy when I share my langostinos with them, but I doubt that any door could ever turn them on like this.

Explain it if you can!

4 comments on “Why Is This Cat Happy?

  1. How absolutely cat! Wouldn’t you just love to have their balancing ability? She certainly was happy up there 🙂

  2. She is saying, “just look what I can do! I am the ultimate acrobatcat, and let’s see if the dog can equal this.!”

  3. What a beautiful cat!
    My theory is that he has tried it lots of times before, and either missed it entirely or fallen off every time. Now he finally made it, and he feels proud of himself 🙂

  4. They love us, they live with us, they depend upon us. But “top dog” status is everything to animals. The top dog dominates and rules. Animals love heights because they dominate from that height. If you have an aggressive pet, you must be very careful about letting them get above you. I read that somewhere.

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