Remember–We Post Prayer and Hymn Requests

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Just a friendly reminder that if there’s a favorite hymn you’d like to see posted on this blog, so you can share it with others, all you’ve gotta do is ask. Just post your request as a comment, and I’ll do the rest.

And, as a new feature, we will also post your prayer requests–because, after all, it’s beneficial to have others praying for you and with you. Again, post your request as a comment, that’s all you have to do.

2 comments on “Remember–We Post Prayer and Hymn Requests

  1. I could sure use a bit of prayer right now. I have had two teeth extracted in the last few days, and one was absessed. Very painful and we oldsters
    are not quite so quick to heal now.

  2. Am told I have cataracts in both eyes. My evaulation by the surgeon is early August. Meanwhile, I am praying that God, who created me perfect and in His image, will heal those cataracts. He is also the Great Physician and it is possible. I went ahead with the appointment so that doctors could confirm cataracts and later, could confirm a healing. My God can do it!!!!

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