‘Victory of the Cross’

Sing it loud and sing it long! This is Jonathan Lewis with Victory of the Cross.

Take it out from behind the pews and into the street, fight for the Cross of Jesus Christ–remembering at all times that our weapons are spiritual, not carnal, for pulling down the strongholds of the Enemy.

6 comments on “‘Victory of the Cross’

  1. Wow! Now that’s a rousing song of praise! And it’s always inspiring to see a crowd of young people praising Our Lord. Thank you, Lee.

  2. Lee, I really liked your article on NWV this morning. You must have upset somebody, since I was unable to open the article from my inbox; had to go back online to the website and open it there. It was well worth it. Thanks.

  3. Yes, Lee, it was a good article. I was able to click the link contained in my email and it went straight to your article without any problem. Odd that NWV is still having issues though.

    By the way, Lee, you may want to update your bio information on NWV – it only lists Bell Mountain and Cellar Beneath The Cellar rather than an entire series.

    1. I heard last week, too, that there were again some issues with NWV. Well, the hackers aren’t going to give up, are they?

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