Dem Platform Committee: Prosecute ‘Climate Change Deniers’

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If you’re even thinking about allowing another Democrat, ever again, to be president, please stop it at once.

A few days ago the Democrat platform drafting committee voted unanimously to have the Dept. of “Justice” prosecute individuals and organizations for being skeptical of that ultimate lib faith statement, Man-Made Climate Change. Yup, they wish to outlaw an opinion. They’ll start with going after energy companies and “corporations,” but they also have their eyes on conservative think tanks and dissenting scientists ( ).

And if you folks permit Hillary “Cash” Clinton to become president, this wildly flagrant violation of the First Amendment–its virtual repeal, for all practical purposes, will be upheld, 5-4, by a Supreme Court wherein the late Justice Scalia will have been replaced by some commie chosen by the Democrats.

It’s this simple, everybody. Either Trump defeats Clinton, or you lose your First Amendment rights.

Because you don’t think they’ll stop there, do you?


3 comments on “Dem Platform Committee: Prosecute ‘Climate Change Deniers’

  1. We will also lose our second amendment rights if Hil-liary a/k/a Kill-ary gains the Oval Office.

    These people are certifiably insane. But so is their unseen leader. Fear not. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ WINS!

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