Are We a Christian Country?

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I would like to say yes–although with “Pride [Shame] Month” only just over, it might get me hassled by Herod’s Men.

But before we completely surrender our heritage to those who would erase it, let’s consider this verse of one of our patriotic anthems, My Country, ‘Tis of Thee:

Our fathers’ God, to Thee, Author of Liberty, to Thee we sing!

Long may our land be bright, with freedom’s holy light:

Protect us by Thy might,

Great God our king!”

Does that sound like a passel of atheists to you?

Our country needs our prayers!

R.J. Rushdoony: ‘Is America a Christian Nation?’ (1998)

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Christian Armenians in Turkey, circa 1915: flee or die

It seems strange to think of 1998, the date of Rushdoony’s essay, as 25 years ago. In some ways that’s a lot of time; in other ways, the blink of an eye.

Rushdoony’s family came to America to escape the post-World War I Armenian genocide, perpetrated by Turkey. To these refugees, America seemed like heaven.

When he asks, “Is America a Christian Nation?” Rushdoony answers from his own experience: Yes. Yes, it is. Scholars be damned, America is still a Christian nation. We need not ask the pseudo-wise if they agree. We are a Christian nation. He based that not on theory, not on other people’s writings, but on his own personal experience.

May the LORD our God equip us to keep it that way! He knows it won’t be easy.

‘Good News, for Once!’ (2016)

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America needs to start being America again! Some years ago, a high-school girl showed us how.

Good News! (For Once)

“School officials” told the students that no one could mention the name of Jesus Christ–especially not at any point during the graduation ceremony. The girl did it anyway! And what could the dunderheads do but sit on their hands and fume?

What has all this COVID bullschiiff taught us?

No more speech police, no more transgender propaganda, no more elites lording it over us, no more lockdowns, and no more atheism as the unofficial state religion! A teenage girl’s courage, just five years ago, has already shown us the way.

‘”Christian Fiction”–A Stepchild?’

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Holy cow….

The America I grew up in was a Christian America–but its movies, TV, and books were already heavily non-Christian. Looking back on it, I wonder why that was. It surely has a lot to do with the way America is now.

I don’t remember any such thing, back then, as “Christian fiction.”

‘Christian Fiction’–a Stepchild?

Maybe if we hadn’t cut the Christian religious dimension out of our fictional worlds back then, we wouldn’t need a special category for “Christian fiction” now. I am sure no one noticed it back then–although if anyone did, and had the courage to speak up about it, it doesn’t seem like anyone was listening.

‘The Atheist Shopping Mall’ (2014)

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“Don’t let me catch you praying!”

Quick quiz! Which group gets to impose its religious beliefs on everybody else? If you guessed “atheists,” go to the head of the class!

The Atheist Shopping Mall

Remember this? At a shopping mall in Dublin, Georgia, first a security guard–what the hell???–and then the mall manager told people they couldn’t pray on the premises. They had a “policy”! Jidrools always have a policy.

They backed down, of course, once the public found out about it and got rather angry–like, who do these freakin’ nematodes think they are? But they get away with so much, when it comes to banning prayer and other expressions of the Christian faith (they don’t bother trying to stifle any other religion: and what does that tell us?), you probably can’t blame them for expecting to get away with it every time they try it.

We are living in the middle of a war for the survival of Christian America. Either Christian America wins or Christian America dies.

May the Lord of Hosts give us victory.

David Horowitz: It’s War

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I have to review a book for Chalcedon, Dark Agenda by David Horowitz, and I’m feeling overwhelmed by the weight and seriousness of his argument, and the mountain of evidence he cites to support it. This blog post is an effort to warm up for the challenge.

Usually when I read a book to review, I mark striking passages with a pen and dog-ear the pages that I want to cite. I think I’ve dog-eared every other page in here. Well, that won’t do. Think, think, think…

Horowitz was raised by Far Left parents and grew up to become an activist for their movement in the 1960s. When he talks about the revolutionary Left, he knows what he’s talking about. That’s why they ban him from the social(ist) media. He has left his radical past behind and come over to our side.

The book’s subtitle is “The War to Destroy Christian America.” The fact that “war” is the most appropriate word he could have used is what’s so overwhelming about it. The Far Left literally means to destroy and erase everything about America that makes it America.

Horowitz, who is Jewish, believes that Christian America is one of the best things that ever happened to the human race, and that it deserves to be defended and preserved.

The bad guys aren’t kidding, folks. Radicalism is their religion, and they are waging a jihad against Christianity, which they hate with a passion that, for many of them, crosses the line into the psychotic. No debate, no compromise, no shared humanity: their goal is to wipe out every vestige of Christian America and create an authoritarian, atheistic hell-hole with themselves in charge.

No, I’m not exaggerating. Neither is David Horowitz. This book was shocking even to me.

The ancient Chinese sage, Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War, laconically described a certain kind of military situation in which strategy and tactical finesse don’t matter.

“On death ground, fight.”

Either Christian America wins, or Christian America dies. God give us strength: and may God fight for us.

Guaranteed Non-PC: ‘The American Hymn’

I’m old enough to remember learning this in school–The American Hymn, composed in 1866 by Matthias Keller.

I couldn’t find a video featuring both music and lyrics. Why do you suppose that might be? But the opening words are, “Speed our republic, O Father on high.”

Personally, although I love my country, I love it more for what it ought to be, than for what it is. What it is becoming, I detest.

But today is Independence Day, a day commemorating the brightest of hopes founded on trust in God Almighty.

Let us declare our independence, and win it, from the Godless socialist moral imbeciles who lord it over us today.

P.S.: Here are the complete lyrics