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I was very glad today–after again zooming up that hill that had defeated me for so many weeks–to get back to work on my new book, The Silver Trumpet. Meanwhile, we’re waiting for the cover art for Book No. 9, The Throne. And I’ve got to write a cover blurb for it.

God always blesses me with surprises, as I tell these stories. The new and not entirely legitimate First Prester, Lord Otvar, has the makings of a genuinely resourceful villain who might beat the reigning villain, Lord Chutt, at his own game. And, if I may hint at it without committing a spoiler, we may find out why the people of Obann are so afraid of the sea.

Please join me in prayer that my work will be fruitful and profitable to Christ’s Kingdom. There’s no way I can accomplish this without God’s help.

5 comments on “Back to ‘The Silver Trumpet’

  1. I will pray for your work, as you request. As a much more limited writer than you are, I know a tiny bit of what you need, and I am certain that He will provide everything. Blessings.

  2. You have my prayers too, Lee. May He give your mind the thoughts and your pen the words to convey His Will.

  3. Enjoyed The Bell Mountain Series very much, looking forward to The Throne. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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