‘The Osteenification of America’ (2014)

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Would you buy a used religion from this man?

One of the things that has gone wrong for Christianity throughout the Western world is its adulteration with non-Christian, anti-Christian poobah. And no one has done more to adulterate it than good ol’ grinnin’, gruntin’, Joel Osteen.


Hank Hanegraaff (“The Bible Answer Man” on Christian radio) skinned Osteen alive in this little book he wrote in 2014. You can read it in a sitting. It’s important because, if you think about it, you very likely know someone who’s been listening to Joel Osteen and thinks he’s the bee’s knees.

Shame on us who never read the Bible and don’t know what it says. Shame on us who do know, but never speak up to defend it. Shame on the Church for letting itself be thinned out and eroded.

We really do have to do better.

More Left-Wing Pseudo-Christianity

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Back in 2006 I reviewed socialist Jim Wallis’ The Call to Conversion. It’s as revolting now as it was then.


Wallis was much more prominent in 2006 than he is now. Back then, he still clung, however feebly, to Biblical sexual morality. But after he took the plunge for “gay marriage,” that made him just another liberal with no distinguishing marks; so his stock as an oracle has gone down.

This little book of his is a spectacular example of the leftids’ use of straw men in an argument. Wallis has a black belt in the martial art of knocking down opinions that no one actually holds.

False prophets abound. This is one of them.

They Keep Trying to Put Jesus Back in the Tomb

So there was this “early Christianity,” see, the original stuff that came without “such stumbling blocks as blood atonement and resurrection,” and it was only later that all that stoopid stuff got tacked onto it, Jesus was just a nice guy who taught nice things…

We have heard this before.

Jesus and After: The First 80 Years is another one of those books by another one of those Reputable Bible Scholars, just another face in the crowd on the false prophet express,  that seeks to make Christianity palatable to atheists and abortion-loving, transgender-touting Democrats. In the words of the Editorial Review on amazon.com, here we are offered “a Christianity for modern grownups who don’t have to believe that God created the laws of physics only to capriciously suspend them; who don’t need to depend on ancient superstitions about sacrificing goats or people to ‘save’ or protect themselves.”

“And if Christ be not raised,” wrote St. Paul, “your faith is in vain; ye are yet in your sins.” (1 Corinthians 15:17)

Oh, but that’s one of those things that was added later! It isn’t scientific, dude!

And waddaya need atonement for, when there’s no such thing as sin?

I’m surprised they want to keep anything pertaining to Christianity, there’s so much they want to throw out.

But we are talking about people who look in the mirror when they pray.

Lib Clergy Bless Abortion Clinic

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I don’t know how I missed this story in October, 2015. It should have sounded an exceedingly loud alarm for the spiritual welfare of America’s churches.

A bunch of Methodist and Episcopal “clergy”–I use the term loosely–gathered at an abortion center in Cleveland to bless the place ( https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/methodist-episcopalian-clergy-bless-cleveland-abortion-clinic-in-prayer-ser ). They were members of the “Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice,” that is, abortion. They think it’s nice. The president of the group is a sodomite “married” to another man. The rest are ministerettes. If you didn’t see the news photo, you would still know exactly what they looked like.

Has the church in America lost its way? The mainline/flatline church sure has.

They’re gonna need a bigger Hell.

Presbyterians–in the Name of Allah

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I somehow missed this story last month.

At their annual General Assembly, the flatline Presbyterian Church USA had a Muslim imam in to lead the Presbyterian delegates in a prayer to the Muslim deity, Allah ( http://standfirminfaith.com/?/sf/page/32168 ).

A few years ago they had people dancing around in animal costumes. Now it’s Muslim prayers. We can only wait and see what they’ll come up with next year.

This is the way a church dies: by slow suicide. By accepting other gods that are not God. By calling itself “interfaith” and pretending that “all religions are equally true.”

By trying to stand for everything, they stand for nothing.

Lesbian Bishop Nixes Cross, Welcomes Islam

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There’s so much bad news to report today, but I’ve decided to cover only this item: Sweden’s first unrepentant lesbian bishop has ordered crosses and other Christian symbols removed from a Stockholm church, and arrows placed to show the direction to Mecca, to accommodate and “welcome” Muslim worshipers whom she calls “angels” ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/10/05/worlds-first-lesbian-bishop-calls-church-remove-crosses-install-muslim-prayer-space/ ).

The church, located in Stockholm’s dockyard district, was built to serve seamen coming off their ships. Apparently the lesbian bishop thinks the church would be better used as some kind of “interfaith,” multi-culti prayer room.

Why cover this story? Because it goes to the heart of what afflicts us in this evil age: a widespread falling-away from Christian faith, abandoning true salvation in Jesus Christ for hip, cool, and altogether useless dollar-store “spirituality” that is no salvation at all.

I think it also shows us why the Stockholm Syndrome–victims coming to identify with those who prey on them–is called the Stockholm Syndrome.

We’ve seen the pattern many times. First, the ordination of women. I used to be in favor of that, but clearly it doesn’t seem to work out as intended. Then, the rejection of God’s moral laws regarding sexual behavior, and the ordination of openly practicing homosexuals and lesbians. And after that, the rejection of Christianity itself and the adoption of some kind of false religion. A few years ago, goddess worship was all the rage in these churches. Now it’s Islam. If they can find anything worse, they’ll take that up, too.

And so the church pisses away its moral authority, gives up its duty to teach the truth, and the society is left to drift this way and that because it has cut its anchor cable.

This is nothing more than stealth atheism, brewed up by Satan.

Logic break: The only way that all religions can be “equally true” is if all of them have a truth value of zero.

That’s what makes this atheism.

Banality of Evil Du Jour: Another Phony Hate Crime

A “gay minister” from Texas has withdrawn his anti-discrimination lawsuit against Whole Foods, admitting the “anti-gay slur” on a wedding cake was something that he did himself in hopes of extorting money from Whole Foods ( http://www.wnd.com/2016/05/texas-pastor-admits-he-lied-gay-slur-on-cake-a-hoax/ ).

Surprise, surprise–another fake hate crime. It seems they almost always turn out to be fake, perpetrated by a victim wannabe looking for sympathy, money, or both. Or sometimes just to stir up trouble.

“I was wrong to use the media to perpetrate this story,” said the “gay minister.” Not wrong to be a false spokesman for the word of God. Not wrong to be not only an unrepentant sinner, but one who demands his sin be “celebrated” by the rest of us. Not wrong to fake a crime to bag a windfall of money wrongfully obtained, to help pay off his student debt. Nope–just wrong to flim-flam the media. Oh–and he apologizes to the LBGTQRST community for making them look bad.

Whoever ordained this guy ought to be cast out of the church. Along with him.

I know we shouldn’t be surprised when sinners sin; but there are some sins that are so flagrantly obnoxious that we just can’t help it.

As Mark Steyn observed on the radio today, now the Western world’s assorted victim classes are upset because the “haters” aren’t hating them enough, so they have to manufacture bogus hate crimes, in their never-ending quest to be rewarded for imaginary grievances.

Once you overthrow God’s laws, man’s laws can’t stand for very long.