Britain, Beware!

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In the wake of the vote to leave the European Union, Britain has a new prime minister and a lot of Americans are confused about it.

Bear in mind that the Brexit vote was a referendum, not an election: the parties in power are still in power. And still in favor of remaining in the European Union, regardless of the people’s vote.

It’s as if we Americans had passed a referendum calling upon Congress to restore our freedom of speech and our religious liberties, but left the Obama regime in power. Lots of luck with that!

We last heard from the new prime minister, Theresa May, back in January of last year, when she was Home Secretary. Reacting to terrorist incidents in France, Ms. May proposed some draconian measures that struck us as both absurd and dangerous ( ).

Her swell ideas included: 1) making it unlawful to criticize Islamic sharia law; 2) for good measure, making it unlawful to speak against homosexual pseudo-marriage; and 3) requiring “extremists”–that is, anyone deemed by the government to be just awfully naughty–to get permission from a judge before they published anything anywhere, including on their own blogs or Facebook pages.

Ms. May is–ahem!–a member of the Conservative Party: although what on earth these people propose to conserve, other than institutionalized wickedness, is out there with the sound of one hand clapping. The soft-core Stalinism of Ms. May and her cohorts is not something to be taken lightly.

So Britain has a long way to go before Brexit becomes a done deal, and is in the hands of those who will undo it if they can.

We support and pray for their efforts to regain their freedom.

But it won’t be easy.

5 comments on “Britain, Beware!

  1. I’ve often wondered about the Brits’ idea of conservatism. It seems to be much different than our own. Interesting development, though. Kudos to the Brits for Brexit. The United States needs to be vigilant about any North American Union that the powers wish to form. They’ve certainly been pushing it for a long time. Push back, I say!

  2. Things are getting so wacky it makes my head spin. I can only take so much of the insanity before throwing my hands up. Thank the Lord, I have Him and His Word or I would truly go mad. A video in one of the newsletters this morning showed Geo W Bush, with Laura, holding hands with Michelle and Barak at the memorial for the Texas police shooting victims. He was kind of dancing, swaying to the music, smiling and at times all four were laughing. UNBELIEVABLE. Has everyone gone mad?

  3. A friend in the UK tells me their new PM, Theresa May, is the evil twin sister of Hillary Clinton. The U.S. and the entire West was long ago taken over by globalists whose agenda is to eliminate “useless eaters” to a global population of 500 million. They are supporting and funding the jihadi attacks and the coming “summer of chaos” in the U.S. with the cooperation of our “Racist-in-chief.” Their agenda is boldly posted on the infamous Georgia Guidestones.

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