My Day (Oh, Well…)

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As part of my efforts to get enough exercise to keep me out of the hospital, I walked to the Y this morning–about three miles round trip, not counting a couple of rather steep hills. I tried to get underway before it was too hot, but I was still pretty well broiled by the time I got there. So I had a nice long shower and then walked back home, via Tommy’s Pond. Covered with sweat by the time I got here, but at least it was new sweat.

But suddenly it’s 4:30, almost suppertime. How did that happen? I smoked a cigar, worked on The Silver Trumpet (Lord Chutt is painting himself into a very bad corner), and then we had to run out and buy groceries. And now it’s 4:30. *Sigh*

This morning I was distressed to discover that my Newswithviews article today included no link to my blog. That was soon fixed, but it cost me probably 50 views.

The way it works, or is supposed to work, NWV leads readers to my blog, and the blog leads readers to my books. If only. It’s a hard job to come up with a NWV column every week, trust me on that. I’d at least like a better chance to sell some books.

Why am I going on like this? I dunno–probably I cooked my brain by walking in this heat.

See you all later.

3 comments on “My Day (Oh, Well…)

  1. We aren’t getting any younger so we need to be a bit careful – especially when it’s so hot outside. Hopefully, you wore a cap with a visor to keep the sun off of your head and face. If not, may I suggest it for your next outing?

    NewsWithViews is how I found your blog, Lee, and probably many of us can say the same.

    And, for anyone who didn’t see my earlier comment: Chalcedon is having a sale – 15% off any order, and free shipping! If anyone hasn’t read Lee’s Bell Mountain Series, now is a good time 🙂 And if, like me, you have to fill in a few missing volumes, take advantage of this offer. I’m going to! Just go to the top of this page and click books or Chalcedon.

    1. I never go out without my hat.
      Hey, everybody, listen to Linda! Don’t let her do this nice, unsolicited commercial without succeeding beyond her wildest dreams.

  2. Lee, I always look forward to your NWV articles. My day was frustrating. My cell phone went blank on me; I thought it was in need of charging, so I charged it, but it remained dead as a door nail (or any other kind of nail). So, heat, humidity and all that goes with it, I drove my 31-year old antique Honda (sweat lodge) to a crowded mall to a Sprint store. I showed the young man my dead phone .. he took off the back, removed the battery, replaced it, and it worked again. Hmmm, I did that very same thing twice, and it didn’t work for me! Guess I just didn’t have the touch. Don’t you just love these electronics miracles?

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