Remind: Comment Contest

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With less than 200 left to go, the lucky reader who posts Comment No. 8,000 on this blog will win an autographed copy of one of my books. Who knows? It could turn out to be a family heirloom.

All comments are eligible except the following: abusive remarks directed at me or at another reader; anything carrying the f-bomb; commercials thinly disguised as comments, which insults the intelligence; or anything just too inane to bother with. Otherwise, pretty much anything goes. Except blasphemy, of course.

Anyone can play. Just scroll down to any post on the blog and leave a comment. Even I could probably do that, if I had to.

4 comments on “Remind: Comment Contest

  1. Love the rabbit picture. By the way, I liked your NWV article. I have been unable to open some of them lately. NWV is being censored by some of the searches. Now, if they don’t come up in my email, I go to the web site and then they come up. Another nuisance.

  2. I think the editor of NWV knows about the problem. They have an announcement above the articles that instructs what to do. However, my son’s computer, which I have to use now, is not the newest and he does not want to buy the upgrade. I just have to go the round about way to get some of my articles. I think some of the search engines are controlled by those who disapprove of some articles, so they make it more difficult.

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