Explain This if You Can

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Let me get this sickening news out of the way, while I’m waiting to cool off after my bike ride.

Item: Yesterday, during France’s Bastille Day national holiday, a Muslim man purposely drives a truck into a crowd, and kills 80 people before police shoot him down.

Item: Professionally printed posters now appear in public places in Sweden, reading: “Women who don’t wear head scarfs are asking to be raped” ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/07/14/wear-headscarf-or-be-raped-swedish-women-warned/ ). Police don’t know who’s doing this, but our guess would be Muslims.

Item: Hillary Clinton, Democrat–repeat, Democrat–candidate for president, pledges that she, if elected, would, during her first year in office, “settle” at least another million Muslim “refugees” in small-town America. She also promises to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens within her first 100 days.

For the life of me, I can’t imagine how this kind of talk is supposed to make anybody want to vote for her. Can you?

Every day now we get another news report of some Muslim in a Western country going on a rampage and killing as many people as he can. And every day we get the Western governments pledging all-out war on “Islamophobia”–does fear of Islam seem all that irrational to you?–and pressing on and on and on with bringing in more Muslim “migrants.” Who, for some reason no one has explained, mostly seem to be young, able-bodied men.

Why do the Western governments refuse, apparently, to protect their people? This is the most basic function of government, Job One. If they won’t do that, they have no reason for existing.

I don’t know what has to happen before our governments will protect us from homicidal mania in the name of Islam.

Do you?

P.S.–I’m bracing myself to hear it from Muslims whom I count among my friends and whom I am sure would never hurt anyone. To them I can only say, “What would you have us do? Just continue the way we’re going, until the whole shebang collapses into violence? Tell me what you think we ought to do.”


6 comments on “Explain This if You Can

  1. satan, god of this current world system, has firm control over millions of people. He especially wants to control people who have some influence over populations in the matters of government. He has blinded the minds of the disobedient. It is as if he is feeding them some special drug concoction that turns their views of right and wrong completely upside down. I’m sure it contains a lust for power, a deadening of the senses of ordinary common sense and physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually poisons their whole being.

    1. But of course any of these individuals could choose to resist the Devil, and pray for God’s assistance therein. Just as Job could have done as the world advised him, “Curse God, and die”–and whatever errors he made in analyzing his suffering, he did stop short of making that one.

  2. It seems the West is intent on committing suicide and taking us down with it. There’s more I could say, but I would just be preaching to the choir.

  3. Jesus warned: Ethnos will rise against ethnos.

    Islamic terrorism is the means to an end – Order out of chaos. New World Order. The rise of the phoenix.

    Even Mohammed suspected he was conversing with a demon.

  4. Islam, the Quran and Shariah law is inconsistent with the Judeo-Christian principles and values on which this country was founded. Islam is NOT a religion — it is a political ideology and should never be allowed to enjoy the same protections as peaceful world religions. The jihadis and wannabes brag that they are using our First Amendment to defeat us.

    The usurper, King Soetoro, has made it quite clear that, in times of peril, he will stand with the Muslims. IMO, Islamist Barry Soetoro is vying for the position of Caliph in the rapidly-expanding New World Islamic Caliphate. Serving as our pretend-POTUS has not satisfied his narcissistic lust for power

  5. You asked for a helping comment from your readers; here is one:’.Go you tube and look up Ian R. Crane who put out a video on June 4, 2016, entitled, ‘EU Referendum…The Plan To Destroy The UK. After viewing this video, you will have no doubt as to what the three branches of government here in the usa are doing and why.  The same thing that is going on in the UK and every other so-called English-speaking and/or Western-style nation. Now that you are much wiser, what are you going to do about it?  How are you going to do it?  Communicating with your forum is good, but you must put on your hard hat and don your life vest with armor and start the march toward overcoming the enemy, now that you know who the enemies are.


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