A Most Unusual Dinosaur

Original arms

Check this out–and this is only the hands and forearms of a very odd dinosaur.

It’s called Deinocheirus, meaning “horrible hand,” and for a long time this set of hands and forearms was all that was known of it, other than the facts that it once lived in Mongolia and doesn’t live there anymore. Over the years, a few more bits and pieces were discovered, upon the basis of which, scientists have reconstructed this beast as an overgrown “bird mimic” dinosaur. If more bits turn up, they may have to change their view. By “overgrown” I mean, by comparison with others in the group, amazingly colossal. The others were about our size or a little bigger. You can see by the photo that this was way, way bigger.

God created dinosaurs, as He did everything else, and this is a dramatic example of the boundlessness of His imagination and the boldness of His handiwork.

God also removed the dinosaurs. We don’t know why. Maybe someday we’ll get to ask Him; but so far, He has not told us.

Where has He put them? Well, He has the entire universe at His disposal. So who knows?

2 comments on “A Most Unusual Dinosaur

  1. Very strange looking. I often think how wonderful and awesome it will be when we are hopefully finally allowed to see so many more of God’s wonders.

  2. God created dinosaurs .. they immediately started misbehaving and eventually exhibited destructive behavior. God declared, “These creatures are not what I had in mind.” So He wiped out the dinosaurs and created man. They, too, began misbehaving and became extraordinarily evil and destructive. Hmm, I wonder when He will decide it’s time for man to go …

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