Cat Defies Mountain Lion

Thanks to Tami, for sending this video to us.

Among animals, home field advantage counts for almost everything. See the cat tell the mountain lion to buzz off. Hear the understandably frightened woman ask, “Where are the kids?” And hear the chucklehead who thinks he’s being funny, “Oh, they’re out back.”

Well, that wasn’t funny. When I was a boy, everything you could read about mountain lions said how shy they were. That seems to have changed.

But here, at least, the people have two cats to defend them. Somebody in this video has earned her Fancy Feast.

2 comments on “Cat Defies Mountain Lion

  1. I’ve seen that before. I’d hookshot anyone who ‘joked’ with me like that about my kids. Just recently a mountain lion attacked a little boy, and his mom ran out and was able to rescue her son, suffering some injuries in the process; the boy himself was pretty seriously hurt. Mountain lions are no laughing matter.

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