Flash! Eco-Fascist Prosecutor Backs Down

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The chance to report good news comes along but rarely. I’ll take it when I can get it.

Earlier this year, the Democrat attorney-general of the US Virgin Islands subpoenaed the records of a conservative think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as part of a nationwide Democrat witch-hunt aimed at “Climate Change Denial,” an opinion which they don’t think you should be allowed to have unless they can jail you for having it.

Just found out that late in May, after the Competitive Enterprise Institute took out full-page ads in major newspapers to tell the whole world what this little creep was up to, the attorney-general has revoked his subpoena ( http://dailysignal.com/2016/05/23/virgin-islands-ag-withdraws-climate-change-subpoena-against-think-tank/ ). CEI still seeks sanctions against him, though, for attempting to use the law and his public office for blatantly political and wildly unconstitutional purposes.

This guy joined with 27 other Democrat AGs, nationwide, to try to criminalize disbelief in Man-Made Global Warming.

Wouldn’t it be just priceless if some of these cupcakes wound up in the big house?

4 comments on “Flash! Eco-Fascist Prosecutor Backs Down

  1. Absolutely! They can all join Hil-liary in bright orange jump suits!

    Here’s another article on climate change:


    They’ll never let go of this insanity. Here is the editor’s note from the article: ‘Robinson is a member of “The Elders”, a self-appointed group of busy-body elites who want to shepherd the global village. Thirty-three percent of The Elders are also past and current members of the Trilateral Commission, including Jimmy Carter, Ernesto Zedillo and Gro Harlem Brundtland. ⁃ TN Editor ‘

    1. I don’t see any of these shysters volunteering to live without electricity.

      This group not only has Jimmy Carter, the second-worst president ever. It’s also got Honest Kofi “Oil for Food Scandal” Annan.

      But hey! Theresa May, the new British PM, has already done something good, according to this article: shut down the UK Dept. of Energy and Climate Change. She has set a very good example.

    2. And many of them zoom around in private jets and SUVs. The rules of course do not apply to the ‘busy body elites’ – only to us peons.

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