Progress on My New Book

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I’ve been kind of knocking myself out this week, working on The Silver Trumpet (No. 10 in the Bell Mountain series). I didn’t really mean to, but that’s what happens when I get on a roll.

Because I rely on God to give me the story He wants me to tell, I must grope my way forward and see what He’ll reveal to me each day. And so the story’s taking shape, but as yet I have no idea how or where it will end. I used to plan out my books from start to finish, every detail thought out in advance. But this way it’s more exciting.

Meanwhile, Book No. 9, The Throne, is still waiting for its cover art. I hope it’ll be published in time for Christmas.

P.S.–We ought to see a winner in the Comment Contest sometime in the next day or two. If you’ve never posted a comment here before, please jump right in! Whoever posts Comment No. 8,000 will win an autographed copy of one of my books.

3 comments on “Progress on My New Book

  1. Lee, I have a question. In ‘The Cellar Beneath The Cellar’, when Jack, Ellayne and Martis went there, it seemed there was a hint that other treasures were still there. Will they ever return to see what they are? Or is that question answered in the 3 volumes I haven’t read yet?

    1. You must understand that that’s not a place they would be eager to re-visit.
      Also, there are a lot of things that I don’t know yet, either!

    2. Fair enough. I’ll just have to wait till they run out of other adventures and become bored enough to venture back there. Lucky for us, they surely don’t seem the type to become complacent 🙂

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