Scientist Claims He Can Bring Back Neanderthals

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All he needs is “an adventurous female” to be a surrogate mother, says a scientist at Harvard Medical School, and he’s off to the races on a plan to resurrect the extinct Neanderthals ( ).

He thinks he has enough Neanderthal DNA that he can “reconstruct” the whole DNA strand. Would that mean filling the little gaps with, say, frog DNA? It worked in Jurassic Park.

You’d think it would be–well, cruel–to bring to life a being who would be the only one of his kind in all the world. Like, what’s the poor Neanderthal supposed to do, after they get done experimenting on him? If they ever get done. If he’s ever permitted to have a life of his own, it that were even possible.

So why do this? The prefesser explains:

“When the time comes to deal with… getting off the planet, it’s conceivable that their [Neanderthals’] way of thinking could be beneficial.”

Yo, prof–why don’t you just get started without us? Take off for Mars, and we’ll catch up. Honest.

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

14 comments on “Scientist Claims He Can Bring Back Neanderthals

  1. Fantastic idea, Lee! They should get a head-start to Mars or anywhere else off-planet.

    Parents of children in these universities -wake up!

  2. Only problem with his theory is, that as Scriptures reveal, mankind has been digressing since creation. We have not evolved and become more
    perfect; just the opposite. The second law of thermodynamics (entropy) has been in full effect. His “neanderthol” does not exist, so let him get over it.

    1. Well, there once were human beings whose kind is no longer here, with big brains and powerful skeletons. These are what we call “Neanderthals.”

    2. And God said there were giants in the earth in those days . . .
      and He also said that in the last days it would be as it was in the days of Noah.

    3. So it would be hilarious if they had ancient DNA that, instead of producing a caveman, produced some guy whose genes were far superior to ours, and who was way smarter … hilarious, but scary too.
      Anyways, do they really think that they could use that DNA and get ‘a Neanderthal’ like you could get a dinosaur? He’d be a modern man, raised by modern people. He wouldn’t look like a caveman, he’d just look like a human, maybe a native of Papua New Guinea or something.

  3. Man tinkering with God’s creation. Bad idea. And what about the individual born from this? If it does happen and a child is born, what of that person’s feelings?

    1. Wesley Smith has been writing about this stuff for a long time.

      Abortion, euthanasia, designer babies, transgender, same-sex pseudomarriage–it’s all floating around in the same bubbling cauldron, stirred by the devil.

    1. Amazing – I am now getting the comments being made on the Blog which hasn’t been happening for the last month or so. Maybe Lee accidentally hit a hidden key?

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