Some Hard Lessons from History

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I read the Bible every day, and I’ve always read a lot of history. Here are a few of the lessons that I’ve learned.

One. All rulers are sinful, because all human beings are sinful to a greater or lesser degree. The only perfect and sinless lord is Jesus Christ.

Two. Depending on the personal character and ambitions of the ruler, rulers always, to a greater or lesser degree, brew up trouble for their people.

Three. The worst rulers always get worse, and increasingly grow more cruel and callous toward their own people and to others.

Four. There has never been an evil empire, or an evil ruler, who has risen without God having allowed it; and there has never been an evil empire that God has failed to put down, sooner or later.

Five. For reasons which are often hard to understand, God respects free will to the extent of allowing wicked rulers, and their henchmen, to do some extraordinarily evil and violent things. Think of the Holocaust, and Mao’s Great Leap Forward. But in the end, under the sovereignty of God and His right to intervene in history, they all fail and come to nothing.

These are the lessons that shape my outlook and understanding of events in our own time, which will one day be written up, with greater or lesser accuracy, as history.

I am as sure as I can be of anything that God Himself decides who rises, who falls, and when. The tyrannies and barbarisms of our own time, to these He will sooner or later put an end.

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  1. Exactly right, Lee. And Proverbs 21:1 says it. I read my Bible every day, too, and understand that what the people being governed deserve is exactly what He gives until they finally get it, repent and then He can forgive and turn things around.

  2. One: a good leader must first be a good servant
    Great article. Last paragraph is my favorite.

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