‘The Ballad of Hillary Clinton’

To be sung to the tune of Lilliburlero (above)

The Ballad of Hillary Clinton

There once was a woman of evil intent, Hillary-pillory-billyboy-oh!

She wanted to run things and be president, Hillary-pillory-billyboy-oh!

Hillary-pillory Hillary Clinton, hillary-pillory-billyboy-oh!

She wanted to run things and be president, Hillary-pillory-billy-boy-oh!

She studied Alinsky’s radical rules, Hillary-pillory etc

Played us all as a nation of fools, Hillary etc. [Refrain]

“My husband was chief, so I should be, too,” Hillary etc.

“I’m as crooked as he was, and smarter than you,” [Refrain]

“My Clinton Foundation’s as rich as can be,” etc.

“I’ll do you a favor if you pay my fee,” [Refrain]

When they left the White House, she wore a fake frown, etc.

They stole everything that wasn’t nailed down [Refrain]

Well, that’s it. Lillibulero is a folk tune from Ireland, adopted by the British Army in the 18th century, and whistled by Uncle Toby Shandy whenever he had to let off steam. So feel free to add or amend verses as needed.


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