Sanity Break: Your Cats’ Jobs

All right, I’ve had enough of the news today. Time for a cat video. These help to keep my head from exploding.

Here are some of the useful things your cats do around the home. It should be added that cats are also masters of the art of making things disappear. Like pens, chessmen, or anything else small enough to bat under the bookcase where you’ll never see it again.

3 comments on “Sanity Break: Your Cats’ Jobs

  1. My cats always liked to ‘disappear’ things under the stove and the refrigerator. My retrieval method was to get onto the floor and whisk them out with a yardstick. Of course, dust bunnies came out too 🙂

  2. So, in your case, your cat’s job description would read, “Housekeeping Inspector.”

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