The Clintons’ Wonderful Marriage (Are They Kidding?)

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As if it were not preposterous enough for our–ugh!–president to call Hillary Clinton “the most qualified person” ever to run for president…

As if it weren’t enough of a whopper to describe the former chief of the Bimbo Eruption team as the protector and champion of sexually harassed women (except, of course, for the ones her husband harassed: they had to be destroyed)…

At least Bill Cosby never had a wife who ran interference for him.

Now the kooks at Cosmopolitan magazine have described Bill and Hillary Clinton as “good marriage role models.” ( )


Do they think we’ve all been in hibernation for the past 20 years? Bill Clinton has cheated on Hillary–and gotten caught doing it!–innumerable times. And she has turned a blind eye to it because he is the basis of her political ambitions. Nor have we forgotten her efforts to trash the women that her husband cheated with, or simply pursued whether they wished it or not: more than a few of those.

What would possess anyone to call this aging satyr and his power-hungry, money-hungry mate “good marriage role models”?

I pray every day that the Lord in His mercy will not let my country fall into Hillary Clinton’s hot little hands.

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  1. According to the Secret Service people and past employees of the Clintons in both DC and Little Rock, she is the nastiest, most violent and foul-mouthed female they’ve ever witnessed. The dumbed downs, the Common Core graduates, and those wildly cheering for her at the convention (tears streaming down their faces) have either been in hibernation the past 20+ years, or their brains have been pickled by aspartame and too much fluoride in their drinking water.

    1. Amen, Goldbug. Willfully deceived, stiff-necked, chasing after their own imaginations. But the story is an old one – the people have removed themselves so far from God that they give place to Satan and the demoniacs have free rein.

    1. It should be noted that a) the council members warned the Satanist to watch what he said: they were only going along with this because they’d be threatened with a lawsuit (and we know who always wins those lawsuits); and b) the council members all walked out rather than stay and listen to the so-called prayer.

  2. Goldbug, if that video is not a movie being made and it’s for real, this is really scary stuff.

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