Sanity Break: Cats Stalking

If you can watch this video without getting seasick, then you are not my wife. You’ll also enjoy it.

Here are people with hand-held, seasickness-inducing cameras playing peek-a-boo with cats to get them to stalk them. Which they do: they can’t resist it.

Remember the game of “statues”? Cats would be good at it.

Uh, what’s “statues”? It’s a game my mother and my aunts played when they were kids. If you’re It, you turn your back while the other players try to sneak up on you. At any time you can suddenly turn around and face them, and anyone you catch moving is out of the game. It’s called statues because you have to instantly become as still as a statue if you want to keep playing.

One comment on “Sanity Break: Cats Stalking”

  1. Yep. Typical cats 🙂 How they manage to instantly be still is rather a mystery to me. When we played statues, it would’ve been good had we been able to have that catlike stalking ability. And thanks for the reminder – I had forgotten all about that game!

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