Again, Again! ‘Revive Us Again’

I know I’ve been repeating myself lately with these hymns; but I love this fine old hymn from 1863, and this is the one I woke up with this morning. I looked at a lot of versions, but for my money, Nathan and Lyle do it best–even if they’ve gone all Hollywood and provided themselves with a music stand.

I haven’t been getting many hymn requests of late, and I would dearly love to post some from readers who haven’t done this before. Come on in! The hymn shop’s always open, and everything in it is free.

2 comments on “Again, Again! ‘Revive Us Again’

  1. Wow, Lee. That’s the second time this week – this is the hymn that was going through my mind this morning. Thanks 🙂

  2. Maybe that you didn’t get my earlier mention of the song going through my head this morning as I awoke. It was Bringing in the Sheaves? I found an
    old timey version from a group called Shiloh. You might like it too.
    Bringing in the harvest was our command from the Lord and it is on my mind a lot.

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