‘Revive Us Again’

I don’t know about you, but I could use some reviving, big-time. And this classic 19th-century hymn was written to provide it. Sung by Nathan (autoharp) and Lyle (guitar), at home in Denton County, Texas–Revive Us Again.

‘Revive Us Again’

Hardly anybody here this morning. But the revival flag is up–can’t duck out now!

Can you hear this, everybody? It’s revival–our country is giving birth to a revival. Sing it, pray for it, don’t let it stop. We need it!

Hymn: Revive Us Again, sung by Nathan and Lyle.

‘Revive Us Again’

We haven’t had this one for a while, have we? Revive Us Again–a good old-fashioned hymn, sung by Nathan (autoharp) and Lyle (guitar).

You don’t need a studio or fancy equipment to praise the Lord in song.

‘Revive Us Again’ (We Need It)

I don’t know about you, but I’m in need of some reviving–big-time. The nooze, this past week or so, has worn me out. I fear for my country’s future, if it has one.

So let’s have a hymn. Like the lady said, when things get tough, “Sing louder.” Let’s have Revive Us Again, with Nathan on autoharp and Lyle on guitar.

I just don’t want to write up any more nooze today.


‘Revive Us Again’

No hymn requests this morning, no comments, no likes… I’m on my own.

Revive Us Again, sung by Nathan and Lyle, with autoharp and guitar–it’s one of my favorites. I sang it to a deer once. I think she liked it.

‘Revive Us Again’

We haven’t had this one for a while, have we? Revive Us Again, sung by Nathan and Lyle with auto-harp and guitar (Lord, we could use some reviving around here!). You don’t need a fancy studio to sing a hymn.

‘Revive Us Again’

Well, I need reviving, that’s for sure. But we’ll save that for the next post.

Revive Us Again, sung at home by Nathan and Lyle, a good old-fashioned hymn from the 1860s. I once whistled this to a couple of deer… who seemed to like it.

By Request, ‘Revive Us Again’ (Gaithers)

I love this hymn! And it’s done me good, to hear it today; so I have to thank Erlene for requesting it–Revive Us Again, sung by the Gaither Vocal Band.

I once whistled this to a deer, on one of my walks, and she stayed for the whole thing.

‘Revive Us Again’

I keep coming back to this no-frills version of this grand old traditional hymn–Revive Us Again, performed by Nathan (autoharp) and Lyle (guitar) deep in the heart of Texas. There are a lot of ways to sing this hymn; but I think simplest is best.

‘Revive Us Again’ (J & J)

Look at this: now I have to enter my own hymn contest.

Just kidding. But I do hope some of you will enter soon with hymn requests.

We all love Joshua and Jeremy, and I always post their videos when I see them. We haven’t heard Revive Us Again lately, so it’s a nice surprise to hear it from our friends and colleagues, J&J.