I was Rihgt Abuot this Gye!!

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Ha ha HA!!! I tole yiu this gye lee he is no good he alyaws writing hat speech and he “is” a Biggit too, i tole yiu that And now Google thay telling yiu too! and yiu has got to beleave google Becose thay is alyaws rihgjt!!

Google that “wil show” him to Say al them Bad stuff abuot Collidge and he dont evven Want thare “to” be Free Tution!!! Waht a dirty no good  Biggit! And “he is” Aunti-Sceince too! Boy if our Diversity Leedership Team thay “ever” got hold of him then HA HA HA he wuld be Sorry!

We has “got” a troly grate Diversity Leadership Team hear at Our collidge, Thay can brake anyboddy! Thay has a litle Room in the sellar of Alco Hall and thay take yiu Down “thare” at Nihgt and make yiu Diverse!!! Us Interllecturals we al Love “to” here the skreams that Come out of thare at nihgt! And thay work yiu “over” Untill yiu be reely Diverse! and just the same as anyboddy else.

So annyhow Google thay got this stopid lee pegged and figgered out and Iff yiu “are” Smart yiu wont reed him no more!!!!

10 comments on “I was Rihgt Abuot this Gye!!

  1. Hahaha yourself, dummie. I will read his posts for as long as they are available and I am able to read. So there.

  2. I git down on mi neeze ever nite and give thinks that I’m not a biggit like that lee gye. He don’t ever say nuthin troo, like they duz on TV. I git my nooze on The Vue, ‘cuz thoze wimmen are sew smahrt. This lee gye is stihl mi favrit, tho, ‘cuz he iss sew intertanen, and I luv everwon now, ‘cuz I allreddy been thru diverse tranin’ twise.

  3. You’re too late, Joe Collidge. This is old news – yesterday’s (in fact, yesterday’s news is also cat litter lol). Plus, google made a miss-take. They thot he wuz a biggit and a hater but they cuddent pruv it so they had to stop their biggited reacshun, so now who’s the biggit?! Go have sum yummy gym socks and chill out in the Alco Hall.

  4. The way the weary world is wagging, pointing out nut jobs in this way is just plain fun! What else can we do to make things better, other than gittin on our neeze?

  5. Actually, I think I will read Duigon more, Joe Collidge, because this is a funny joke, and you keep us laughing every time we read your “smuggled” posts.
    By the way, you would have lots of fun in a Spelling Bee.

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